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The site also features the Lundbeck Institute Campus – offering exclusive Lundbeck Institute seminar content and resources including image banks and slidekits to use with your colleagues and peers. Constantly refreshed and updated, we aim to make Progress in Mind the go-to readable resource for the busy practitioner.

Why Progress in Mind?

More than 700 million people worldwide are affected by psychiatric and neurological disorders – a figure that represents 13% of total global disease burden1. Progress in Mind is founded on and reflects Lundbeck’s dedication to helping address this global burden. Lundbeck is committed to the search for improved medical treatments, and through Progress in Mind, we hope to further support and encourage greater communication about and around psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Our foundation for progress

Psychiatric and neurological disorders are global health problems2.  In supporting the Progress in Mind Resource Center, we hope to engender and enable continuous focus on the many unmet needs of patients. We want to communicate and spread greater awareness of the massive economic and societal burden posed by psychiatric and neurological disorders.

With our unique position as a specialist in psychiatry and neurology, we want not only to raise disease awareness, but also to engage with and support the many stakeholders working towards the international agenda and goals for better and broader acceptance of patients and their diagnoses - reducing stigma and helping increase the opportunities for better patient care and treatment. This Resource Center has been created with the aim of supporting the international Psychiatry and Neurology community in accessing engaging medical education content and stimulating peer-led discussion. 

About the Lundbeck Institute

The Lundbeck Institute aims to provide accessible high quality medical education worldwide, to support healthcare professionals improve quality of life of people living with psychiatric or neurological disorders through up-to-date disease understanding, leading to optimized care.

Since its foundation in 1997, The Lundbeck Institute has been committed to providing expert, interactive, international seminars, which has lead The Lundbeck Institute to gain a valued legacy in medical education. The seminars cover mood disorders, schizophrenia, dementia and Parkinson’s disease*. In addition we offer educational materials, and tools for facilitating locally-run workshops.

The Lundbeck Institute's activities are governed and endorsed by the Lundbeck International Neuroscience Foundation (LINF). LINFs Faculty, composed of respected experts within psychiatry and neurology and other specialties throughout the world, is the basis of quality and objectivity.

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2. WHO Quality Rights Project – addressing a hidden emergency, 2011