Offering further support

Support organisations for patients living with depression

Friends and family can often provide vital support to patients living with depression. But not all patients have access to this support network or feel able to ask them for help. There are a number of organisations that can provide further support to your patients beyond their healthcare appointments. Listed below are some resources that can offer information, advice and assistance (click on the name of the organisation to visit their website):

World Federation for Mental Health
An international organisation founded to advance the prevention of mental and emotional disorders, the treatment and care of patients with these disorders, and the general promotion of mental health. They offer information on depression in the workplace, comorbidities, support for caregivers, biannual newsletters and general educational materials.

European Depression Association
An alliance of organisations, patients, researchers and healthcare professionals from across Europe. They aim to raise awareness and fight stigma, improve and promote access to care, and advocate for better funding and policies. Each year EDA organizes European Depression Day to raise awareness of depression across Europe.

European Federation of Families of People with Mental Illness
An online hub of information for people with severe mental illness and their family and friends. Materials available include a collection of resources for loved ones of patients, and a range of programmes to support people affected by mental illness.